Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Perception for today...Spiritual Abuse-Essential Doctrines

In my previous post on spiritual abuse, I gave an introduction and definition to spiritual abuse.  My attempt was to hopefully start us off on at least close to the same page.  In that post, I mentioned that one thing I often see as a common thread in terms of spiritual abuse is the practice of elevating some doctrine, belief, or rule for behavior to a position of such great importance, that it distorts the grace that should be given.  In this post I'd like to expound on that idea a bit more, going over what the core parts of Christianity are.  Read on after the jump.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Perception for Today...Spiritual Abuse-Definitions

My topic for today may be one that you have never heard of.  It may be one that you would think only happens in "wacko religious cults."  It may even be one that you deny exists.  It is very real, however, and it even exists in mainstream protestant Christian churches.  The topic is spiritual abuse.  In recent years, more and more stories are coming to light of people leaving various churches for what they describe as abuse at the hands of the leaders in their church.  I plan on doing multiple posts on this topic.  For today I wish to explain what spiritual abuse is and why I have taken such an interest in it.  Read on after the jump.